How prepared are you to stand out among your competition? Test your readiness with this checklist.

  1. The top 1/3 of your résumé is a qualifications profile/summary that emphasizes what you can do for the employer.


  1. Your résumé is specifically targeted for the type of position you’re seeking — a generic résumé won’t do.


  1. Your resume is accomplishment- and value-focused, aligned with the type of position you are seeking, and not written like a job description.


  1. You have a fully optimized and keyword-rich LinkedIn profile with proper job search settings on. Studies show 70+% of decision makers/recruiters check LinkedIn to vet or find candidates.


  1. You are not spending all your time only applying to jobs online hoping someone will call you.


  1. You know how to get your resume in the hands of a decision maker for desired positions.


  1. You have researched target companies and are prepared to ask thoughtful questions that show your interest and knowledge of the company.


  1. You have prepared strategic answers to the question, “so, tell me about yourself” for each interview and each interviewer.


  1. You have identified both your strengths and weaknesses. You have prepared interview strategies to focus on top strengths needed for the job. You have a plan to address your weaknesses and turn them into positives.


  1. You have practiced your answers and confident in your speaking skills. You are ready for all types of interviews including AI and/or virtual interviews.

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