What Clients Are Saying


I did several applications on Tuesday, not really expecting them to go anywhere, but keeping an open mind. About an hour later (as I was driving to work), I got a phone call from one of them! It was from a staffing company that was looking to hire an accountant…Then I got another phone call from another staffing company about another posting yesterday.

Additionally, about an hour ago the original staffing company called me about another listing of theirs that they felt I would also be a good fit for. I have an interview with the new company in an hour. Fast!

Another the 2nd recruiting firm also just called me and said I made it to the second round of the interview process.

All in all, you have done a wonderul job with my resume, allowing me to get my foot in the door all over the place! Thank you!

B. T.

Upper Iowa University Finance Student, Job Accepted - Accountant at Top Financial Services Company

Lucie was such a joy to work with! I saw a huge increase in responses to my applications after working with Lucie. I was able to get several job offers within a couple of weeks! I was able to land a job with (Fortune 100) company that pays more than I dreamed of!

T. M.

Utah Valley University Psychology Student, Job Accepted - Recruiter at Fortune 100 Company

Recruiters at the job fair were so impressed with my resume! I had a couple of interviews and ended up with a couple of verbal offers by the end of the week!


C. T.

U of Arizona Software Engineering Student, Job Accepted - Software Engineer at Fortune 100 Tech Company

  • I was just offered an internship with (Fortune 100 company A)! Fabulous resume help!
  • I was just invited to a Fortune 10 company dinner tonight in SLO. Only 7 of us invited from the job fair!
  • Fortune 100 company C is trying to get his offer expedited before they lose me to someone else!
B. O.

Cal Poly University Software Engineering Student, Job Accepted - Software Engineer at Fortune 10 Company