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Applicants Get an Interview


Decision Makers Use Social Media and/or LinkedIn to Vet/Find Candidates


Employers Prefer Referrals Above All Other Sourcing Methods


Recruiters Believe Virtual Interviews Will Continue



Interview-Winning Personal Career Marketing Materials

Stand out and win interviews with personally branded, accomplishment-focused Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letters, Email Networking Scripts, and Interview stories. By the time we are finished with your resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview prep, you will truly understand your value and market yourself more effectively in interviewing, networking, and career growth opportunities.

Proprietary, AI-Powered, Video Interview Prep Tool and 1:1 Interview Coaching

Perfect your interview skills and gain confidence with our exclusive, AI-powered, video interview platform. Virtually see the difference with before/after video prep, as well as receive 1:1 personal coaching.


Job Search Strategy Coaching & Accountability Partner

Avoid the biggest mistakes entry-level jobseekers make today. Learn today’s proven methods, strategies, and tools it takes to succeed in your job search. Stay on track with our exclusive job search resources.

Salary Negotiations

Do you know what you are worth? Are you being offered the best compensation package that matches your value? Do you know how to calculate what you need to make to support yourself in your desired location? Know when to say “yes,” when to ask questions, and what questions to ask.

Top reasons why college students and graduates hire me.


  • Their current resume and LinkedIn profile aren’t getting the traction they were hoping for and need help.

  • They don’t know what information to put on their resume and/or LinkedIn profile to make them stand out among their competition.


  • They apply to jobs, but don’t get any interviews. They get interviews, but no offers.

  • They lack confidence in their interview skills. Interviewing makes them nervous.

  • They don’t know how to stand out in interviews.


  • They don’t know what to do to find a job besides applying to jobs online. 

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are struggling with your job search and would like to chat with me about better ways to find a job or internship, email me at to set up a free initial consultation.

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Lucie Yeomans, CEO & Founder

  • BA in Journalism
  • MAT
  • 7X National Award-Winning Resume Writer
  • 7 Leading Industry National Certifications
  • 10+ Years in Fortune 10 High-Tech Company
  • 8+ Years Leading Funding Campaigns
  • 4+ Years on Forbes Coaches Council
  • 10 Years Helping 100s of People Like You Land Jobs

About Lucie

Thank you for stopping by CareerAlly. So, why should you hire me?

I take great pride in helping my clients individually with the latest, on-trend career services. When you work with me, you get me – not a subcontractor, not a bot, not a group, not a writer-in-training. I am truly your career ally.

I am a 6X award-winning resume writer with 7 leading industry certifications in resume writing, LinkedIn/online profiles, job search strategy, interview prep, and graphic resume architecture. Okay, yes, this is me bragging a bit, but I want you to know why you can trust in my skills and services.

Before starting CareerAlly, I worked 10 years in a Fortune 10 high-tech company, earned a master’s degree, started my own successful marketing company, and served as a journalist at a local newspaper. I have been on both sides of the interview table many times, and I actually enjoy it. (Some might say that is a warped sense of enjoyment!)

I specialize in helping:

  • New College Graduates
  • College Interns

Featured in:


Wow! I really, really like that resume! It is a lot better than what I had before, and I think it highlights the best things of me! Recruiters at the job fair were very impressed!

C. V.

University of Arizona, Software Engineering Student, Hired by Fortune 100 Company Before Graduation

Lucie played a pivotal role in helping me getting me a job. She is very knowledgeable and friendly in her job, In my opinion she goes above and beyond, helping and being a great source of information on all my questions. My resume looks amazing and it really gets noticed. I highly recommend Lucie for all your needs in finding and preparing for jobs.

B. D.

UC Irvine, B.S. in Business/Marketing, Hired at Global High-Tech Company as Product & Marketing Specialist Within 60 Days

Lucie was such a joy to work with! I saw a huge increase in responses to my applications after working with Lucie. I was able to get several job offers within a couple of weeks! Lucie was very attentive during our conversations!

T. M.

Utah Valley University, Psychology Student, Hired as Recruiter by Fortune 100 Company Before Graduation