College Grads & Interns

Some of the companies my clients have been offered jobs and/or interviews. 

4 Most Popular Programs

Pre-Graduation Program

Would you like to ease the stress of landing a job before you graduate? That is what this program is all about. The earlier you start preparing, the better your chances of landing the job you want.

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Post-Graduation Program

Do you wish you had a job already? Do you wish you had started looking sooner? This program helps you play catch up and land interviews/jobs as quickly after graduation as possible.

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Internship Program

Do you want to be as competitive as possible in landing an internship and a great job upon graduation? This program is designed to help you position yourself as a top candidate for internships and entry level jobs.

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DIY Program

On a tight budget? Want to do it yourself? This program provides you with tools, resources, and 1:1 coaching to help you write your own resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters.

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I offer a variety of packages depending on where you are in your job search and what services you need/want. Packages include some or all of the following (More details below. Contact me to discuss which package is right for you):


  • 1:1 interview discussing academics, projects, accomplishments, and career goals.
  • Brand and structure content to highlight career goals and accomplishments.
  • Research latest industry keywords, trends, and requirements.
  • Visually appealing and optimized resume that ensures readability for both ATS and human eyes.
  • Comprehensive, branded references page included.


  • Brand, structure, and organize content to enable reader to find key information easily.
  • Update and optimize LinkedIn profile for higher search ranking.
  • Showcase accomplishments and personal brand throughout profile.
  • Provide LinkedIn job search strategy session(s).
  • Member-only resources for LinkedIn best job search strategies.


Increase your confidence and stand out among your competition in interviews with:

  • Unlimited access to AI-powered interview prep software (Yoodli). Learn how to eliminate filler words, speak at the right speed and volume, improve eye contact, tighten your answers, and so much more.
  • 1:1 strategic, personalized interview coaching with Lucie Yeomans, Certified Employment Interview Coach
  • Learn best strategies for answering common and difficult interview questions.
  • Learn how to take control of interviews.
  • Learn best strategies for follow-up after interviews.
  • Salary negotiation strategies – know what you are worth and how to ask for it.
  • Exclusive interview prep resources.


  • Learn best strategies for landing interviews after applying on job boards.
  • Learn how to uncover hidden jobs through tested and proven job search methods.
  • Learn how to reach out directly to decision-makers, what to say, and when to say it.
  • Learn how to build a strategic network and how you can utilize it effectively.
  • Simplify and expedite your job search with a calendar of personalized job search activities.
  • Private access to member-only resources.

DISC ASSESSMENT, Career Discovery and Communication Coaching with Elaine Lien,

Identify your communication strengths and weaknesses and hone your skills to help you:

  • Market yourself more effectively with interviewing, networking, and advancement opportunities.
  • Gain confidence in building and strengthening work relationships.
  • Develop communication strategies to assist you with career growth.
  • Includes assessment and 90-minute coaching session with Leadership and Communication Coach, Elaine Lien

GALLUP CLIFTONSTRENGTHS ASSESSMENT (Formerly called StrenghtsFinder. Included with all packages.)

  • Identify your top 5 professional strengths and talents to help you communicate with confidence to others what you do best.
  • Includes in-depth analysis and personalized reports explaining what makes you stand out and a networking strategy session with Lucie Yeomans.


  • Online portal for storing resumes, cover letters, references, resources, and career achievements log/journal.
  • Makes it easy to update resumes at a moment’s notice when new opportunities arise.
  • Includes auto reminders to routinely log accomplishments for your new job.

Most Popular Programs

Pre-Graduation Program
Graduating Senior – Last Year of College

What is this program?

In this 3- to 9-month, pre-graduation program, I work with you to prepare and customize your accomplishment-filled, interview-winning resume and cover letters, optimize your LinkedIn profile for high search rankings, coach you to ace interviews with confidence (both with AI tool and personal coaching), teach you best known job search methods, assist you with salary negotiations.


How to increase your chances of securing a job before you graduate.

I have designed this program to help last year college students secure interviews and/or job offers prior to graduation. If you follow the program, you will:

  • Have an accomplishment-filled, ATS-friendly, visually appealing resume and optimized LinkedIn profile to share with potential employers.
  • Be ahead of the competition by being proactive in your job search instead of reactive.
  • Stand out and perform confidently in interviews.
  • Know and effectively communicate your strengths, brand, and value.
  • Learn how to efficiently manage your job search and network like a pro.
  • Save time in your job search!


When should I begin my job search if I am in my last year of college?

Although you can begin this program anytime during your last year of college, the best time to start is the summer before or the September of your last year of college. For many majors, especially technology and engineering, job fairs and recruiting begin in September or October, if not earlier.


Far too often last year college students wait until the last minute to write or update their resume, ending up with a mediocre representation of their academic and professional experience when it comes time to engage in job search activities and career fairs. And guess what happens to many of them? Poor interviews. Missed interviews. No confidence. Low job offers. No job offers.


I hear about these situations way too often from recruiters. Begin early. Give your resume and LinkedIn profile the attention they and you deserve. It is likely to increase your job offers and confidence in interviews.

Post-Graduation Program
New College Graduates 

What is this program?

In this 1- to 3-month program, I work with you to prepare and customize your accomplishment-filled, interview-winning resume and cover letters, optimize your LinkedIn profile for high search rankings, coach you to ace interviews with confidence (both with AI tool and personal coaching), teach you best known job search methods, assist you with salary negotiations.


How to start making money as soon as possible.

The best time to begin this program is right after graduation. Yes, many entry-level jobs are filled before graduation, but not all. You do not have to give up hope. Sometimes companies need to increase headcount due to  budget changes, demand increases, organizational adjustments, and a whole slew of other reasons. More times than you might think, new job openings happen due to candidates changing their minds and taking a different offer, leaving the hiring manager rushing to find another good hire.


The sooner you start your job search, the better your chances of landing the job you want.


“The longer you stay unemployed, the less desirable of a candidate you become.”


If you work my program, you will expedite your job search and start making money much faster than you alone trying to maneuver the complexities of ATSs, AI-powered virtual interviews, job boards, customizing resumes, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and networking effectively.


I’m planning to take some time off before I start my job search.

You may be taking a break after graduation, travelling the world, or taking a long-awaited and highly earned vacation before you begin your job search. My recommendation to you is to put the ball in motion BEFORE you leave or take a break, by letting me work on your personal marketing campaign while you are away.


“let me work on your personal marketing campaign while you are away.”


Why should I start before I leave?


  1. Your competition is already interviewing, accepting job offers, and/or starting to work at great companies.
  2. An opportunity may arise while you are taking a break and you want to be ready for it, not scrambling to pull together a mediocre or generic resume and cover letter at the last minute. Tailored, accomplishment-filled resumes aligned with a job posting yield much higher results.
  3. According to latest studies, 82% of employers prefer referrals above all other employee sourcing methods. While you’re already using social media daily to stay in touch with friends and family, you can easily start building and nurturing a strong network of strategic connections by adding LinkedIn to your daily communications. Those connections will be much more apt to help if you have been engaging with them than if you suddenly ask them for help.


By having a career interview with me before you leave, you will get the process started and you will have a well-thought out, accomplishment-filled personal marketing plan and materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) upon your return.

Intern Program
College Students Looking for Internships

What is this program?

In this 3- or 4-year program, I guide you through what to do each year to prepare you to be a top candidate in your job search. By starting this program at the right time, you will be ready to apply and interview for the internships that you want and will give you the most leverage when you start applying for fulltime jobs.


When should I land my first internship?

To find and land the internships you want, you should begin every September with resume updates, job fairs, career services department visits, LinkedIn profile updates, networking, professional club participation, competitions, and more. This begins with your first year of college and continues through the last.


How to increase your chances of landing a good job before graduation.

Having a minimum of 2 internships that align with your career goals before you graduate is optimal. Ideally, your 2nd internship will be with one of your target companies working in a role where you are doing what you want to do upon graduation.

  • Rising Junior/2nd to Last Year: If you are a 2nd year student, don’t work your summer between 2nd and 3rd year as a server or barista or anything unrelated to your major. Find an internship that aligns with your career goals. This will help you immensely in landing interviews and offers for internships at target companies the year before you graduate, which then many, many times lead to job offers before graduation. There are lots of them! Don’t know how to find one? Let’s talk.


  • Rising Senior/Last Year: If you are a rising last year student, please only intern for a company that makes offers to interns for permanent positions upon completion of the internship. Some companies hire interns to do temporary work with no intention or budget to hire permanent employees. Look for a company that gives you the opportunity to do and/or learn the type of work you want to do and makes permanent offers to interns. Don’t know if they hire permanent employees after internships? Ask the question before you accept the internship.


Bottom line is the more internships you land during college, the better you stand out among your competition and better prepared you are when it comes time to find your first fulltime job as a graduate. At a minimum you should have one internship on your resume before you begin your last year of college. Optimally, you should have at least 2 internships. There are fewer internship opportunities as a rising sophomore, but opportunities do exist.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Everyone’s needs are a little different. I offer a variety of services and packages for:

  • New college grads fresh out of college and ready to find their first “real” job.
  • College seniors looking for a job before they graduate.
  • College students looking for internships.
  • I even have training and guides for those who want to do it themselves.

It’s best to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your career goals and how I can help you best. Whether you are looking for just a little coaching, or resume and LinkedIn profile, or a complete job search success package, I can help you.

How long does the process take?

Resumes on average take about 2 weeks from our initial intake interview to finished product. Sometimes it goes faster and sometimes longer. A lot depends on you and how responsive and forthcoming you are with information. I do offer expedited services for a small additional fee.

If you purchase a LinkedIn profile, too, that usually takes a couple of days more. If you want a LinkedIn profile only, it is the same lead time as a resume.

What is your process?

Free Consultation

90-Minute Interview

Research, Branding, & Content Strategy

Resume Draft in 5 Business Days

Finalize and Move to Next Steps (LinkedIn, Cover Letter/e-Note, Interview Prep, Job Search Strategy, Salary Negotiations)

I begin our process with about a 90-minute interview where we review all of your accomplishments, experience, and leadership positions. I can either interview you and take all the notes or you can respond via email to a list of questions. Either way we will schedule a phone call to discuss your answers. It’s completely up to you – no additional cost for either method.

After your interview, I usually take about 3 to 5 business days to return a draft to you. We can either make edits over the phone or via email. Most of my clients have 1 or 2 rounds of minor edits.

Once we complete your resume, we move on to all other services you purchase. I will email you with next steps and progress each step of the way.

I set up a private client portal where we can communicate, share files and edits, and you can keep all of your job search documents in one easy-to-find location.


What Industries do you help with?

With my high-tech, corporate, political, development, journalism, marketing, and nonprofit background, I help college grads and interns in most industries, with the exception of federal, law, and military (I can refer you to experienced and trusted colleagues in these areas). My clients have landed jobs at Amazon, Intel, Apple, UCLA, UC Irvine, Microsoft, Dow Jones, Philips, Lenovo, just to name a few.